Why Choose Chungho

The world’s first technology made by Chungho soon becomes the industry standard.
The industry is benchmarking Chungho’s leading technology.
Our mission is to make new product far better in quality than before.

Innovative Products

Patented Technology

Pure Filteration System

Customer Satisfaction

Customer care

Leading Company

International Brand

In-House Production

Advanced Technology

Chungho Nais holds over 99 domestic and 29 overseas technology patents

Founded in 1993, Chungho is Korea’s first water specialist certified by Water Quality Association (WQA) and made its mark by introducing hi-tech & innovative world’s first products.

Never Stagnant

Automatic water flow via NWPW

Never Compromise

Automatic cleaning system via ACS

Never Jeopadized

Automatic filter flush via AFV

Smart Safety Feature

Automatic leak detection system

Perfect For Coffee Lover

Water Purifier Whi Caffe Edge

Can a single water purifier produce an ultra pure drinking water, clean crystal clear ice & serve a premium high quality italian coffee? Meet WHI CAFFE EDGE.

We think about the People, Environment and the Future

Chungho always tries its best to develop new technologies for clean water and fresh air to provide a better living environment. It is a beautiful future that Chungho wishes to bring to people with an advanced technology that brings convenience and enhancing the value of life.